drawing commission of Freddy the westie

Why you should commission a
drawing or painting as a gift.

We’ve all been there, endlessly racking our brains to think of a perfect gift for a loved one who seems to have everything. The endless searches on Google to find something for your mums birthday, your daughters graduation, a Christmas present for you grandfather or for any other occasion.

You may feel hopeless and purchase the same dull present you alway buy, an Amazon gift card, A bouquet of flowers or a voucher for a restaurant. But nows the time for change, put all of that behind you and gift your loved one something they will never forget or shove in the back of a cupboard. Here are a few reasons why a commissioned piece of art make a perfect gift.

A unique, original gift they can treasure for ever.

Get them a truly unique present that no one else could have bought them, a piece of art that they can hang in prime position that will bring joy to their faces every time they walk past, or look up at from their favourite spot in the living room.

No more novelty gifts

Say goodbye to novelty gifts that get lost in the back of cupboards or regifted back to you down the line. A gifted piece of art will stay with them forever.

Earn some brownie points

Become your parents favourite child or your grandmothers favourite grandchild by commissioning a piece of art that will make all their other presents seem inadequate. In the long run it might improve your chances of receiving a better gift from them ;).

Do they have a cherished dog or cat that has sadly passed away?

A drawing commission is the perfect way to remember a beloved pet that has sadly passed. Keep their spirit alive and capture their personality within a detailed artwork.

Get in touch to purchase a print or to commission an original piece of art. I would love to help you give the perfect gift.

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